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Re: Towne & Country Pool Service:


Towne & Country Pool Service is a local family owned company.  We maintain a policy of operating within approximately 30 minutes of all our customers.  This provides for quick service if it is needed, as well as being able to maintain a focused service on our own neighbors.  We live in the community in which we work and are proud to own a business here.  We want to show our pride by working hard and running a fair and honest business.

Professional Association:

I belong to the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association. By belonging to this group I am bound by strict ethics.

As a member of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc., I will utilize my professional knowledge and skilled practical workmanship in providing quality customer service. To that end, it will be my responsibility to keep informed of developments in the pool and spa industry, including new techniques and product applications.

My second obligation will be to IPSSA members by giving them any professional assistance they need, including sick route coverage. In this endeavor, I shall respect their clientele and not encroach upon their routes.

My final responsibility will be to my community and its citizens. I will strive to communicate the necessity for pool safety and other issues of importance to pool and spa owners.

Additional Coverage:

I also have an agreement with Tony Silva of Sierra Sparkle Pool Service (916) 215-9354 to cover in my absence or an emergency.



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