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Service is performed 48 weeks a year. We do not service Thanksgiving week or the week between Christmas and New Years Day. We also do not service a pool on days of inclement weather. This is to maintain the safety of the technician servicing the pool. In such a case, we will review the service records to determine if the pool will hold chlorine. If we are not confident that the pool will maintain adequate chemical levels, we will call to schedule a special service. In any case, we will insure that your pool is kept chlorinated and balanced at all times. Additionally, in the months where your pool is serviced 5 times, there is no additional charge.

All service levels other than Chemical Only include vacuuming as needed and weather conditions permit. During the Fall/Winter season, if there are leaves, debris, or dirt in a pool on the day of an impending storm, they may be left for the following scheduled service day.

  Please provide easy access. If your gate is to be kept locked, please provide a key or combination. We also ask that unfriendly dogs be kept inside while the pool is being serviced. A locked gate or the presence of an unfriendly dog will result in no service, although the service call will be charged as normal.

  Conditioner is essential in preventing loss of chlorine due to sunlight. This year we are charging customers an annual fee of $120.00 which covers the pool throughout the year. This would also be needed in the case of the pool being drained.

  Payment is due by the 25th of each month for that month of service. A late charge of $5.00 may be applied on all invoices not paid by the last day of the billing cycle. Returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee. The customer will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and/or other costs associated with any collection service.

Filter and Filtration
  Proper filtration is essential to a clean pool. We recommend a filter be cleaned every 3-6 months. Filtration and proper water chemistry are the two aspects of pull maintenance necessary for a clean pool. We recommend filters run for 4 hours per day in the winter and 8 hours per day in the summer. These times may vary depending on the size of the pool and filter.

Technician Responsibility
  Towne Pool Service will be responsible for adjusting chemical balances (including chlorine, PH, alkalinity) each time the pool/spa is serviced. These are included in the service price. Adjusting calcium hardness, adding algaecides and stain prevention products are not included. We are not responsible for conditions outside our control, such as filtration time, excessive water temperature (heaters, solar systems, covers), or extreme numbers of individuals in the pool. We can not warrant plaster mottling or checking. Mottling is considered different colorations of plaster with no apparent pattern. It may also appear as a blotch, spot, or streak of different shades of color. It is more pronounced on colored plaster. Colored plaster may also lighten over time. These are not considered deficiencies.

Pool Owner Responsibilty

The Owner/Resident is responsible for cleaning pump basket, skimmer basket, and sweep bag/basket between visits when needed. This will be more prevalent during the service weeks off, fall season, and in yards with excessive leaves and debris.


Pricing is based on many factors including the type, model, and brand of equipment installed at each pool. The assumption is that all equipment will be kept in working order according to the manufacturers specifications. If the owner/resident does not keep equipment in recommended working order, their maintenance fee is subject to increase. This will only happen after a decision is made to not repair equipment per the technicians recommendations.

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