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Waves and Splashes

Fall 2005

Summer Leaves Us

Fall is here and it’s time so say goodbye to summer. It was a great summer with plenty of hot days for swimming and having fun.  Many  of our pools saw their fair share of summer fun.

As we know, fall brings many leaves and although they are quite beautiful they are the nemesis to water circulation in our pools.  Towne Pool Service cleans out the skimmers of your pool and the bags on your sweeps every week.  Once a week may not be enough for some of us in the foothills with many trees.  If your skimmer or bag of your pool sweep fills, it will slow or eliminate water circulation.  Please watch your pool this time of year and empty the leaves if the service is not expected for a few days.

As always, please call (916-591-0332) or write to if you believe there is an issue with circulation or you would like a quote for more than one service a week.


Rising Fuel Prices   

The past summer has been eventful around the world, especially on the Gulf Coast.  The hurricanes have affected us and many people close to us.  They have also affected prices of products that originated in that region.  The product most often publicized is fossil fuels.  It is amazing how many products and services relative to pools are touched by fossil fuels.  We have been closely watching costs of product and transportation in our business for the past month. 

 It has been difficult to see our costs increase quickly with no relief in sight.  This week the major pool product distributor in our area made official price increases across the board on most pool product.  This increase is a direct result of the rising fuel prices resulting from the hurricanes.

These hurricanes have caused huge supply chain issues for petroleum based product which affect nearly every aspect of the pool industry.  Most products have been increased from 10-30% this month and others are expecting a 5-6% additional increase before January 1.  Natural gas is a major component in the manufacture of pool products so these price increases, as unfortunate as they may be, are understandable.

These increases; as well as the price of gasoline, are forcing us to take measures that will translate into a service price increase.  Please watch your bill in November for these changes to take effect.  Please call or write ( to discuss this or any other issue.

Liquid Chlorine vs. Tablets    With the cooler weather comes cooler water temperatures. The chlorine tablets that we have been using in your floaters do not dissolve in the colder water.  Soon, we will be switching to liquid chlorine during the colder months.
Free Pool Service   

During the summer months, pools get a lot more use, including parties and gatherings.  If you are planning a party in the pool or pool side, please let me know in advance so I can schedule an additional service late in the week.  I would like to give your pool extra consideration to have it looking it’s best.

Towne Pool Service offers EVERY customer one FREE additional service every year before a party.  Many customers took advantage of this service this year but not everybody.  Keep this in mind for next year.  The first of the year starts everyone fresh.

What’s in Your Pool?   

Can we open your gate?  Will it latch properly when we leave?  Is your side yard clean and free of debris so we won’t slip and fall?  Please use the nice fall weather to check your gates and our access to your pool.  Remember that we have to carry a 7 foot pole and a pool caddy full of products to service most of our clients pools.

It might be cooler out but until the rains arrive, please check your water level and maintain it about half way above the skimmer opening.  Lack of water through the skimmer could damage some pool pump equipment if a float is not maintained at the bottom of the skimmer under the skimmer basket.

We had an unusual repair last month. We had a pump that just was not circulating water.  Upon further investigation we found the impeller was clogged with little round plastic pellets from the kids’ air guns. Please keep these type of toys or any toys with pellets away from your pool to avoid a costly repair.

Other toys to be aware of are old disintegrating pool “noodles” and floats.  Water balloons also should always be avoided around the pool.

The Inevitable   

In the pool business, like any other, we need to be prepared for events beyond our control that may lead to being unable to reach our customers.  These events usually translate to an emergency or illness in the family.  Towne Pool Service has a reciprocity agreement with Tony Silva of Sierra Sparkle Pool Service.  Tony and his team have been trained on all of our pools and have access to records in case we are unable to service.

This agreement is necessary in order to guarantee that all customers’ pools are attended to in a timely manner.

Thanks to Sierra Sparkle for stepping in this summer when we needed a little extra coverage.

Sierra Sparkle Pool Service serves the Rocklin area and can be reached at (916) 215-9354.

Tony Silva also contributes to this newsletter so look for Waves and Splashes from Sierra Sparkle.

Q and A   

When is our pool serviced?  Service is performed 50 weeks a year.  We do not service Thanksgiving week or the week between Christmas and New Years Day.  We also do not service a pool on days of inclement weather.  This is to maintain the safety of the technician.  In such a case service records are reviewed to determine if the pool will hold chlorine.  If we are not confident that the pool will maintain adequate chemical levels, we will call to schedule a special service.  In any case, we will insure that your pool is kept chlorinated and balanced at all times.

How do you get in my yard?  Please provide easy access.  If your gate is to be kept locked, please provide a key or combination.  We also ask that unfriendly dogs be kept inside while the pool is being serviced.  A locked gate or the presence of an unfriendly dog will result in no service, although the service call will be charged as normal.

Do you have to close and open my pool every year?  No, in our region, pools are kept open all year.  Conditioner is essential in preventing loss of chlorine due to sunlight.  We charge our customers an annual fee of $55.00 in the spring which covers the pool throughout the year.  This would also be needed in the case of the pool being drained.

When do you bill?  Billing is done a month in advance on or near the 1st of the month.  Payment is due by the 25th.  A late charge of $5.00 will be applied on all invoices not paid by the last day of the billing cycle.  Returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee.

How often does our filter need to be cleaned and how long should it run?  Proper filtration is essential to a clean pool.  We recommend a filter be cleaned every 3-6 months.  We recommend filters run for 4 hours per day in the winter and 8 hours per day in the summer.  These times may vary depending on the pool size.

Please explain the responsibilities of the pool owner.  The Owner/Resident is responsible for cleaning pump basket, skimmer basket, and sweep bag/basket between visits when needed.  This will be more prevalent during the service weeks off, fall season, and in yards with excessive leaves and debris.



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