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Towne & County Pool Service is a local family owned company.  We show our pride by working hard and running a fair and honest business.

Quick, Reliable Service


  We maintain a policy of operating within 45 miles of all of our customers to allow us to provide quick service if needed as well as being able to maintain a focused service on our own neighbors.   

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


We belong to the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association which means we are bound to strict ethics.  We utilize our professional knowledge and skilled practical workmanship in providing quality customer service.


Our Service


 Service is performed 48 weeks a year. We do not service Thanksgiving week or the week between Christmas and New Years Day. We also do not service a pool on days of inclement weather. This is to maintain the safety of the technician servicing the pool. In such a case, we will review the service records to determine if the pool will hold chlorine. If we are not confident that the pool will maintain adequate chemical levels, we will call to schedule a special service. In any case, we will ensure that your pool is kept chlorinated and balanced at all times. Additionally, in the months where your pool is serviced 5 times, there is no additional charge.

What to Expect


 All service levels other than Chemical Only include skimming the top and bottom of your pool, emptying your skimmer baskets, and brushing the pool steps.  We vacuum the pool when needed.  All services provided are as weather conditions permit. During the Fall/Winter season, if there are leaves, debris, or dirt in a pool on the day of an impending storm, they may be left for the following scheduled service day. 

   Please provide easy access. If your gate is to be kept locked, please provide a key or combination. We also ask that unfriendly dogs be kept inside while the pool is being serviced. A locked gate or the presence of an unfriendly dog will result in no service, although the service call will be charged as normal.   

Pool Owner/Resident Responsibility


The Owner/Resident is responsible for maintaining proper water levels, cleaning pump basket, skimmer basket, and sweep bag/basket between visits when needed. This will be more prevalent during the service weeks off, fall season, and in yards with excessive leaves and debris. 

 Lack of water through a skimmer could damage some pool pump equipment if a float is not maintained at the bottom of the skimmer under the simmer basket.  When a pump does not circulate water it can cause damage to your equipment.  Be aware of old disintegrating pool noodles and floats, water balloons, and plastic pellets from kids' air guns as these type of toys can end up in a costly repair.  

IPSSA and Insurance


Towne & Country Pool Service is a proud member of IPSSA (Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc.).


By belonging to this group we are bound by strict ethics.  As a member of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc., we will utilize my professional knowledge and skilled practical workmanship in providing quality customer service. To that end, it will be our responsibility to keep informed of developments in the pool and spa industry, including new techniques and product applications.

Our second obligation will be to IPSSA members by giving them any professional assistance they need, including sick route coverage. In this endeavor, we shall respect their clientele and not encroach upon their routes.

Our final responsibility will be to our community and its citizens. We will strive to communicate the necessity for pool safety and other issues of importance to pool and spa owners.

Guaranteed Service


In the pool business, like any other, we need to be prepared for events beyond our control that may lead to being unable to reach our customers.  These events usually translate to an emergency or illness in the family.  

Towne & Country Pool Service has a reciprocity agreement with Chris Fitzgerald and Halogen Pools.  Chris and his team have been trained on all of our pools and have access to records in case we are unable to service.

This agreement is necessary in order to guarantee that all customers’ pools are attended to in a timely manner.



 Billing is done a month in advance. Invoices are generated on or about the 15th of the month for the upcoming month of service. Payment is due on receipt.  

Separate invoices will be generated for additional services or repairs and will be billed as they occur.

A late charge of 10% may be applied on all invoices not paid by the last day of the billing cycle. Returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee. The customer will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and/or other costs associated with any collection service.    

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